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This far North-East heights home was built with aluminum windows just like many in the area. The homeowners wished to open up their views, and decided on Marvin windows for their replacement, installed by Cardinal Construction Inc.

A picture of an existing window, showing the basic style of the house before window replacement:

Next is a picture of the same window from the inside:

On these units, the home was being restuccoed by the homeowners. Our installation took this into account, and we were able to cut back the stucco around the windows, allowing the stucco contractor room to wire and stucco right back to the windows. It also allowed us to use standard nailing fins, and create a seal just like that on a brand new home. No caulking edges or replacement flanges:

Here you can see the window units for the top section, before stucco. As you can see the new Marvin windows were built with solid glass units, eliminating the center mullion and opening the view through the top arched units.

Moving to some finished views, you can see the Marvin Windows add an incredible look to the front of the home. The large single peices of glass, along with a nice frame color called Bahama Brown really changed the look of the house:

And the interiors show just how nice wood windows look inside your home. These were stained a custom stain color by Cardinal Construction Inc prior to installation. Full wood interiors including wood screens, along with dark bronze hardware finished the interior options. The home owner added some stone window sills, and the finished product gives a dramatic look for this room:

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