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Here at Cardinal Construction we wont sell a "cheap" window. All of our products are chosen based on quality and durability first and foremost. The Xact vinyl replacement window is no exception. Coming it at a slightly lower price than our primary vinyl line, this window has all the qualities we look for in a replacement window. High quality construction including welded corners, LowE-270 glass, a limited lifetime warranty, and an integrated stucco flange for replacement purposes.

The main differences in our two vinyl lines come in availible options and warranty. The difference in options are mainly in glass options. LowE-270 is the highest LowE coating we sell from Xact, and the glass will not be Argon filled because they are manufactured at a lower altitude and require breather tubes (see How To Choose for more details). The Xact warranty is a non-trnasferrable warranty, and will expire once the home is sold. And lastly, the Xact warranty does nto cover glass breakage or screen damage.

Those differences aside, the Xact window is a great replacement window for many applications. We encourage people with any questions to give us a call, or stop by the showroom and take a look at samples of both products. This gives the best perspective on each of the windows and allows the homeowner to choose whats right for them.

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