DYC Windows

The Don Young Company manufactures our aluminum replacement windows. There are many advantages with using an aluminum replacement window, most of which you wont hear from companies who only sell a vinyl product. Cardinal Construction Inc has been using DYC aluminum windows for more than 15 years here in Albuquerque, and its proven to be one of our best selling and most durable products, and has had few changes over the years.

The first thing to go over regarding Aluminum windows is the Thermal Barrier in the frames. Many lower grade aluminum windows are still built without this crucial component, and these windows are mostly responsible for aluminum windows being seen as inferior products. Many people here in the Albuquerque area have old, single pane, aluminum windows. This misconception is well founded, as newer aluminum windows used by large home builders havent been much better. DYC Aluminum windows, on the other hand, are all made with a thermal barrier in the frames. This high-density composite prevents inside to outside metal contact, greatly improving the efficiency of the windows. While Aluminum will still be slightly less efficient than a vinyl frame, there are other considerations as well.

Aluminum is 3-4 times stronger than vinyl. You can feel the difference in construction, and DYC aluminum windows are typically much 'tighter' feeling than any vinyl product. Also, Aluminum will never expand and contract to the degree vinyl does. As a plastic, vinyl tends to grow and shrink from season to season, something that doesnt happen with a metal framed window. This means the windows can be manufactured to tighter tolerances than industry standards require, and seal out more air than many competitive windows.

While aluminum windows may seem to be the 'old' design, they still have many modern features we demand in all of our replacement windows. A stucco flange for ease of replacement and LowE-270 glass are included, and so is a manufacturers limited lifetime warranty. Fully extruded aluminum on the entire window(including the glazing cap) add to the durability of the units. Customers also enjoy the tilt-in sashes on all single or double hung units, as well as brass rollers on the sliding units for ease of operation. Double weather stripping on all moving panels, and a powdercoat finish help make this a window that will last for years to come.

We encourage customers to get a free in-home estimate on our windows, or to stop by the showroom where you can see and feel all the different products before deciding what to purchase. Be sure to checkout out our How To Choose section as well for more information regarding replacement windows!