Simonton windows are our top line vinyl replacement windows. They have all the features we've come to expect from a high quality vinyl window, as well as a few to set them apart from the crowd. Some features availible for Simonton windows include:

Integrated stucco flange for replacement in stucco homes

Of course, simply listing availible features doesn't scratch the surface of why Simonton is the best choice for vinyl windows. Two of the options in particular deserve further explanation.

The Simonton Double Lifetime warranty is one of the best warranties in the business. Its a lifetime warranty that covers you against manufacturers defects, including fogging of the insulated glass units, and is transferrable one time to a new homeowner. This can be a great selling point when you are ready to sell your home, as it gives the buyers peace of mind that they already have good windows in their new home. Add to that the fact that Simonton also warrants accidental galss breakage and screen damage, and this warranty is one of the best you can find in the vinyl window business. Stop by today for a copy of the warranty information including all the limitations and specifications!

Secondly, SpectraClear glass is now availible through Simonton. This glass option has three LowE coatings (LowE-366), Argon gas fill, and NEAT coating to give the very best glass performance. The extra coating of LowE increases energy effeciency with only minimal difference in visible light transmittance. The NEAT coating is a Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) coating applied to the outside surface of the glass, creating a smoother surface once activated by UV light. This allows water to sheet off the glass instead of bead, and also helps to decompose many glass contaminates, helping the glass stay cleaner longer! NEAT is also completely clear, so no alteration is made to the color, light transmittance, or performance of the glass.

There are many other reasons why we use Simonton as our primary replacement window for vinyl replacements. Call today for a free estimate.